BILL HOGUE, the World's Oldest Emerging Artist, designed this website which features only original art.  It will be held open in perpetuity by Hogue's estate so that collectors and museums around the world may verify their art as authentic and also to honor Hogue as a great artist and one who is truly a legend in his own mind. 

ART HISTORIANS OF THE LATE 21st CENTURY, as yet unborn, will no doubt rank Bill Hogue's contributions to American art as greatly underrated during his lifetime. Those same historians will lament that not one of the paintings sold during that time exceeded one million dollars and that at one time, when he was between moves, a large part of this priceless collection resided in a non-air-conditioned warehouse in east Texas.
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AFTER YEARS OF PAINTING REALISTIC ART, Hogue morphed, as he modestly said of himself, "into an artist that created extraordinary abstracts." These paintings were, in the beginning, small and well suited for wall groupings or to place on easels.  In the same year Hogue started his "Outside the Box" series of abstracts.  These are all painted on boxes.  They are shown in Gallery 3 along with other experimental art.

A NEW TYPE OF ART? You decide.
The art shown above is one of the evaporative (Evap for short) pieces.  It is the first of the "Silver Dollar" series and under the tie is a photo of the artist with his son and two grandsons.  The one shown here is Evap 7 and more are on the way and some will be much larger.

"I GOT A LATER START THAN GRANDMA MOSES. For most of my life I was a design engineer and businessman, but during that time I visited many of the great art museums of the US and the world.  I took art lessons as a child and painted off and on all my adult life, in fact I show a couple of these paintings in Gallery 2, but it wasn't until I retired that I took up painting full time.  It was at this time that I took private lessons from 
Dot Hinderer, an artist and friend ot my 
wife.  I took weekly lessons from Dot for 
several years, while starting my 
serious painting."